Tampada digital assessment tool is now online!

The Tampada digital assessment tool is the first project results. After being tested by partners, the tool is now available for anyone interested online.

The TaMPADA online tool is a free and open access platform available to all interested adult education providers who wish to measure long term outcomes of disadvantaged learners. It enables the user to log in as an adult educational institution and/or as an adult education trainer in order to register, edit and assess learners’ reviews and produce statistical reports. 

The reports reflect the lifelong progress of disadvantaged learners based upon the following fundamental axes: Development of self and life skills, Health and wellbeing, Employability, employment and learning, Social community and citizenship. 

The tool is available online in EN/FR/GR/SE/SI.

Find here a Manual on how to register your educational centre, add teachers students and start the assessment reviews.


27 May 2021
On the 25th of March 2021, LLLP project team organised the final conference of the Tampada project at European level on “Wider benefits of learning: Why and How to measure them” (agenda of the conference).
20 April 2021
The two last publications from the TaMPADA project are now out: the report from the pilot implementation of the digital assessment tool as well as the policy recommendations paper.
26 February 2020

On 23rd and 24th of January 2020 the TaMPADA partners met for the third time in Maribor, Slovenia. Parners exchanged on the good practices for reaching out and engaging disadvantaged learned they collected in the Adult Education sector.

26 February 2020
The TaMPADA Consortium is pleased to launch its new evidence collection toolkit and framework for tracking and monitoring the progress of disadvantaged learners.