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Toolkit for disadvantaged learners’ lifelong and lifewide progress

This research targeting adult education stakeholders as well as disadvantaged learners aims to produce a compilation of measures and indicators of disadvantaged adult education learners' lifelong and life-wide progress. It will be used for elaborating a “toolkit for adult education providers” for service and provision improvement by defining concrete indicators and mechanisms to monitor their lifelong and lifewide progress. It will also provide learners with their own profile and record of achievements.
Available here

Framework for disadvantaged learners’ lifelong and lifewide progress

This action elaborates on the operational framework of monitoring and tracking hard-to-reach groups by building upon existing mechanisms, resources previously used as well as on recent EU policy recommendations regarding outreach strategies and engagement of intermediaries. It will produce a manual for evaluating lifelong and lifewide progress of disadvantaged AE learners through the establishment of inter-institutional and multi-level synergies. This document will serve as a guide addressed to AE providers and other stakeholders in AE to assist them in effective deployment of an outreach strategy (O2).
Expected Spring 2020

Digital lifelong and lifewide progress assessment tool

This action follows from previous outputs in that it turns to ICT and digital solutions to ensure the widest possible uptake on bof web-based uehalf of AEPs of the lifelong and lifewide progress assessment toolkit (O1) and the effective enhancing of the outreach framework (O2) through the development and instrumentalization utilities.
Expected Summer 2020

Survey report and policy recommendations

The main objective of this output is to test the tracking and monitoring toolkit for its functionality, usefulness and data production, storage, compilation, comparison and benchmarking processes. Based on the results of the pilots assessment, a document comprising recommendations for systemic uses at the EU-wide, national, regional and local levels will be prepared and translated into all languages of project partners.
Expected January 2021